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Push Notifications

Push Notification Setup

Setup or update your notification profiles to enable push notifications. Documentation: iOS, Android.

  • iOS

  • Accepted file types: mobileprovision.
  • Accepted file types: p12.
    The .p12 is created from your iOS certificate file.
  • Android

  • Accepted file types: json.

AppPresser Notifications Key

Please setup your notification profiles to get your key.

AppBuddy Requirement

Note: If you are using AppBuddy and want push notifications sent with friend requests and private messages, you'll need to add your WordPress URL in the login tab.


Change app name, copy or delete app.

App Project Name

API Settings

Add these to the AppPresser settings page on your WordPress site.

Site slug:

App ID: 764

View Logs

View general logs

Build Files

If you need to manually edit your build files, you can download them below.

Download latest build .zip

Migrate to AppPresser 4

You have 2 options: switch this app to v4 (recommended), or copy this app and make all the changes in the new app (use the copy app button).

Switching your app to version 4 is safe for most apps. Here's what happens:

  • Freeze your v3 data so you are free to make changes without breaking current apps.
  • Switch your dashboard and app builder to v4.
  • Setup the new v4 backend app building.

When you are done migrating to v4, submit your v4 app, overwriting the v3 app. This update will be seamless for your app users.

This process is reversible by pressing "Switch back to v3," however, NO BACKUPS are made of your app. Any changes you make to pages, menus, colors, etc. will need to be reversed manually.

Note that your app preview and builds won't work until you have made all the necessary changes. (Please see our migration guide).

Switching to v4 does not delete anything.

If you'd like to copy this app and make all the changes there, please use the copy app button below.

Copy App

Copy App

Copy This App

Delete App

Delete your app, including pages, menus, files, push notification setup, etc. This cannot be undone.

You do not have access to this feature.
You do not have access to this feature.

App Logging

Enabled logging from the app for debugging. Logging will not work on devices until you click "Publish Changes" in the Build and Preview tab in your app customizer.
This will auto-disable: if you rebuild the app, after two hours, or after collecting 50 errors from the app. All these logged items will appear under the "App" tab below.

Build Logs

Push Notification Log

App Logs


Grant full access to users to edit your apps in your account.

Upgrade Required

Note: This is a feature for the Agency packages. Contact customer support if you would like to upgrade.

Add New User

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New User Role Support

Strong password will be generated and emailed to new user

Edit User Access

User: Apps Role
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